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A Look Back At Miles In The Dark by Domenic Marinelli - First Published In 2016

Updated: Feb 19

The thing about the miles and miles you travel in the dark on a long drive on your way to that far off destination, you never know who’s watching your car pass from those thick, dense cropping of trees that flank the road to either side.

But what if whatever was out there, simply watching you pass, was actually in the car with you the whole time, traveling with you to some place you didn’t at all want to be headed to?

What then, dear readers?

Well, in Miles In The Dark, two DPS officers, Matt Turner and Everett Judd, are transporting a prisoner from one destination to another, and they find out just what that is like, and in the process they find truths about themselves and about the world they inhabit…truths they would much rather have left unknown or undiscovered.

And it’s as they roll on and on that the miles traveled change from what they were…the roads change somehow…they change, if that’s at all possible. How can they get out and will they?

There’s only one way to find out, dear readers. Accompany me on this tale. I have someone I’d like you to meet, and once you do meet him, you will never be able to get him out of your mind. In fact he’s still with me as I write this promotion piece down…right here by my side, standing idly by and in wait, as he always does, his hand on my shoulder.

Oh Miles, Miles, Miles…

This story started for me as a short story I originally intended to send out to a literary magazine, but like the unwinding miles in the story, the story kind of just took a life of its own, as did the characters, as you can read above, and I had no choice but to listen to their dictation of what happened on that dark night in Texas…

Original Synopsis…

Domenic Marinelli, the author of Weathered Tracks and Save … Act – A Collection of Ten Stories brings you a terrorizing tale set in the heart of Texas.

In Miles In The Dark, the reader is taken on a prison transfer with two DPS troopers on an unknown road. In their charge is Miles Vandershaw, a murderer who is wanted by Texas Rangers for another crime.

But what happens when DPS trooper, Matt Turner starts to realize that there’s far more to their transfer than meets the eye? What happens when the mysterious road they’re on is no longer a road? When the people around them are no longer who they appear to be?

In Miles In The Dark, Domenic Marinelli effectively sets the scene for a thrilling ride with jumps and starts, twists and turns, and emotionally jarring scenes that will have you looking for nothing but the last page in a desperate need to find out just how the story will end.

So if you like scary and scary done right; if you like stories that stay with you and you can’t get out of your head, replaying the scenes over and over again as you sit there at work in your cubicle or lie in bed praying for sleep to take hold, because the shadows around you are starting to come to life…and you like that…then this is the book for you, friend…this is the book for you.

Miles wants you to buy it, so why don’t you? I’ve learned it’s good sense to listen to Miles Vandershaw. You’ll see.


“…like the badger said to the Billy goat: Just go on in, Billy. Just go on in where it’s nice and snug, and warm. Just go on in where you can get a crumb to eat, and a blanket for your feet. Just go on in and have a seat…”

-from Miles In The Dark by Domenic Marinelli

The book’s available in both print and as an eBook at and other international variants of Amazon.

Also available at Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo (in Canada) websites and available to order in-store for pick-up as well, where you can pay cash if you hate using your credit card online.

Links to purchase the book:

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