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A New Collection By Author Domenic Marinelli

Updated: Feb 19

Sometimes, the best things in life are practically free. You can often unearth the rarest of gems at some old flea market on the outskirts of town. The work in this collection was definitely affordable, as some of it was in fact free of charge and available to read online on the back pages of the World Wide Web.

Join author and freelance journalist, Domenic Marinelli as he takes you through some of the work that was previously published online at The Sunset Quill Review and his online column, Resonant Words (both now defunct), as well as a plethora of essays, articles, reviews and fictitious short stories that have never before seen the light of day.

Flea Market Scripture contains some direct, courageous and bold statements made in the form of essay and article and the stories push the boundaries of Transgressive Fiction, taking the reader down paths less-traveled. Contained within are such gems as: “Open Fire,” “Teddy’s Joint,” “Bonaventure,” “Pour The Bourbon,” “Seared & Exhausted: Part 3,” and an autobiographical piece entitled: “The Price of Chasing Your Dreams.”

So peruse the tables … sift through the clutter … and pick up some “scripture” that’ll stay anchored to the depths of your soul.

“Only the truly gifted can so eloquently describe thus evoke such vivid thought and emotion with such few words. I expect nothing less from Domenic Marinelli. Brilliant as always!” (Speaking about “Open Fire”)

-Carlo Zappavigna (Guitarist and lyricist for NonHuman Era, General manager Premier Muzik/All Right Music)

All rights reserved © Domenic Marinelli

See the BIO section on this site for the full Domenic Marinelli biography.

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