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"Generic V" Has Undoubtedly Arrived

Updated: Feb 19

Federal Government Case File # 44231

Generic V: Narcotic, recreational

Description: Multi-colored, induces various results

Additional Notes: "You'll lose your ever-loving mind!"

Word On The Street: Available sporadically, specifically in clubs, alleys and areas of ill-repute

Available: Worldwide


*A transcript of an audio tape recording found in the trash bin of unnamed noted Journalist and Author:

"To whom it may concern ...

I took a pill--just now. It wasn't all that hard to get me to do it. After all, it's all gone to shit ... all of it. What's the use, right?

Regardless, the guy in the bar said it would take effect rather quickly and when it did, I wouldn't remember much. But after all, who wants to remember, when remembering isn't all that great anyways?

It's been five minutes now, and I don't really feel much--maybe a bit light-headed but other than that, I'm aces.

The guy in the bar gave me a whole vial, but in the end, he said one was all I would need to "get there." He even used the air quotes, so who was I to judge. Besides, "getting there" sounded nice.

We were in the dark back corner of the club on 27th Street. The whole place was dark, pretty much empty, and we weren't overheard, I think. Although the only other guy at the bar was looking at me suspiciously.

Can't say now if he followed me home or not. Regardless, I've just jumped in--head first."

*A few minutes pass without a word ... silence is all that's heard on the tape.

"I ... I ... uh! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!"

*Piercing screams go on for 8 to 10 minutes ... the voice seems to be in sheer agony at first, but it can also be pleasure mistaken for agony. Finally, after yet another brief bout of silence, the voice continues to speak clearly, passing from the unintelligible to clear words spoken slowly and calmly, as if the latter episode hadn't even occurred:

"Where the hell am I? What is this place? What is this desk? Who is that man in those pictures atop the mantelpiece over there?

I need to get out of here ... pronto. I need to find more ... more ... and more of what's in this vial."

*The rest of the recording is void of anything else other than some rustling sounds. The office in which the recorder was found was vandalized considerably ... the walls covered in red paint. The only letter readable here and there across the walls, the carpet and the desk was the letter V.


Introducing the tenth book by author and freelance journalist, Domenic Marinelli. Take the plunge, knock back a few and order a copy today ... you won't believe where Generic V will take you as a reader, and maybe even as a human being. It's not just your average pill, folks. Find it here in both print and as an eBook:


"As the black veil came over him he heard Anthony’s voice: 'Have fun, buddy. Once you get started, this will be one ride you’ll never forget.'Anthony’s cackling laughter was all Damon heard before the Generic V took him to where he’d never been before. He should have punched him when he had the chance. Or maybe then again, he should have kissed him."

-From Generic V.

Take a trip with author and freelance journalist Domenic Marinelli, as he leads you down the rabbit hole, and along for the ride are his entire cast of incredible characters: Damon Bragg, who makes bittersweet discoveries he never imagined he would & Bruce Mulligan who finds himself at the crossroads of life, a past he cannot face and a horizon he never thought he’d see. And along with them, so many more colorful characters in this tantalizing satirical crime novel. So go ahead and take the plunge, and let Generic V be your way, your truth and your light … until the ultimate end.

"Maybe losing your mind isn't always your fault."

-Domenic Marinelli / Generic V

All rights reserved © Domenic Marinelli

See the BIO section on this site for the full Domenic Marinelli biography.

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