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Looking Back At Weathered Tracks (2016)

Updated: Feb 19

First published in 2016, Weathered Tracks was my first novel to be released. This one’s special for that reason, and because I had a story that needed telling. It was persistent—the story itself—and the characters were persistent too, each of them pushing me along as I reworked this piece, which interestingly enough started out as a screenplay in its beginnings.

I felt that it was better told as a novel, but hey, if anyone wants to make a movie out of this one, you know where to find me. I’m told by readers that it’s very cinematic in its descriptive narrative.

I have released many books since this release, but I often still pull this one out at readings, enticing people to find a copy or order one online.

Synopsis: A man awakens on the side of a dark and desolate road. He soon comes to realize that he can’t remember how he got there, or … the last twenty years of his life. Fueled by desperation, he ventures forth into the shadows in search of answers. Weathered Tracks is a story about discovery the likes of which you’ve never read. Meshing the classic horror novel and pushing the boundaries of Transgressive fiction, Weathered Tracks will both horrify you and move you.

Find it here:


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Or ask to order it at the above stores for pick-up.

And if you’re interested in purchasing Limited Signed 1st Editions of the book, please feel free to message me on Social Media (Links above).

Oh yeah and I almost forgot... "Follow the tracks..."

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