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Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Domenic Marinelli remembers being quite comfortable within the pages of a book or the reels of a film, thus literature and film indeed became the focal point of his life at a very young age. So much so that his own writing garnered him some attention as early as the age of 10, when one of his stories was published in a school board periodical. He was published again the following year for another story and the year after that, his sixth grade teacher urged his parents to keep a close eye on his writing talent and to allow him to cultivate it further.

After high school, he studied Law and Society at Vanier College and Electromechanics and Drafting at Rosemount Technology Center but left both institutions without degree. He at one point also attended a seminar held by the International College of Applied Linguistics at McGill University and obtained a TOEFL teaching certificate (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language). Despite having a teaching certificate, he only spent three years in that profession. It was during those years that he taught the English language all over the Island of Montreal and the province of Quebec. 

Early on he took on a lot of odd jobs to support his writing and studies. He has worked as an office and warehouse worker, as a video store and hardware store clerk, and even as a dental equipment technician. He of course also worked in Journalism and Media full-time for six years, but it was to the professional kitchen that he has fallen back most often; with a passion for cooking that was instilled in him from an early age while working with his father, a classically trained Italian chef, Domenic has worked the line in many pro kitchens in and around the island of Montreal, serving as cook and acting chef at many spots in the territory.  

Writing Career



In his writing, he has written in the Crime, Psychological Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi, Transgressive, Neo-Beat and Non-Genre domains alike. He also writes Plays, Poetry and of course, Non-Fiction. 

Some of his work has been published at/in: Pro Wrestling News Hub, USFL News Hub, Thirsty For News, Lombardi Ave, The Gamer, The Sportster, HotCars, XFL News Hub, The Travel, The Recipe, Ringside News, The Things, Show Snob Magazine, The Talko, Steel Notes Magazine, West Island Community News Blog, Dog O' Day Magazine, Park Extension News, the MTL Times, Daily DDT, E-Wrestling News, the CFL News Hub, Slam Wrestling, Guilty Eats, and he has written articles and video script content for as well.

He has written on a variety of topics including: sports, car technology, gaming, food, politics, crime, community, entertainment, current affaires and the spread and ensuing effects of the Covid-19 virus. All of this content was professionally published online and in print for local and non-local papers and magazines. He has also extensively covered the professional wrestling industry for a variety of publications, which is yet another one of his passions. 

From 2017 until 2018, he wrote and operated two blogs: Resonant Words, an online column and The Sunset Quill Review. Those sites are still up but void of new content. That work has since been collected in Resonant Words (articles) and in Flea Market Scripture - both titles available to order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo and are also available to order mostly wherever books are sold, as is his entire catalogue of books. Readers can still read new and occasional posts from Domenic here at the Domenic Marinelli Author Site, mostly centered around his books and writing and deeper looks into his works and other topics. Just click the section link above: Newsletter - Resonance In Dark Ink.

He is the author of multiple books. For more info, take a look at the WORKS section on this site.





He lives with his wife Sarah in Montreal and is currently hard at work on upcoming projects. 

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