Weathered Tracks (2016)

Save ... Act - A Collection of Ten Stories (2016)


The Turning

An Evening At The George

Yuri's House

Death Grips Me ... Cold

The Last Drive Home

Scarlet Sun

Dead End


The Dam

Porch Steps

Miles In The Dark (2016)

Open Fire (short story) (2017)

Published at Olto Books


*Also collected in Flea Market Scripture

Beneath The White Darkness (2017)

13 Years of Lamentation (2017)

Resonant Words (articles) (2017)


The Dog's Temple

Ode To Philly

A Nice Day After All

My First Authentic Slice

A Rant ... In 600 words or less

The Curtain's Call Echoed Loudly

The Predator Turns 30

A Cold Night In May

Seared and Exhausted: A Story About Cooking and Writing

Twenty-Five Years of Incesticide

Writing In The 2nd Decade of the 21st Century

762mm: Full Metal Jacket

The Keys of Oz

Wherever They May Roam

Battle: Uphill

A Knack

A New Era Has Dawned

Screw Job '97

The Hero's Terror

The Blue-Eyed Boy From Tupelo

3 Action Heroes of My Youth

Seared and Exhausted: Part 2

Two Shirley Temples

A Letter to Mr. Summers

Strays In The Cold (2018)


The Pen

The-Oh-So-Terrible Truth

The Dead Man

The Hollow

In My Father's Yard

The Tangerine Queen & The Last McHiver King of Montreal North

Beautiful Faces, Bad Places


You're Welcome In My Home Anytime

What He Is

Ezekiel Dies



Human and The Pig

Riverside Estates

There Once Stood a House



Snow Day

5 Haikus By Domenic Marinelli

The Intersection


Quintaro's Alley

Entry Number 49

The Man With The Black Cloak & Stick

Kiss of the Calliope (2018)

Flea Market Scripture (2018)


Articles & Essays

Seared & Exhausted: Part 3   

Long Lost Family: My Cousin Corey  

Moonshiner Insights with Russ Still (An Interview)  

Changes within a Family  

The Transgressive Movement … Are We Really Still Fighting This War? 

Recreational Cannabis Legalized In Canada 

The Price of Chasing Your Dreams  


A Legendary Story  

30 Years of the Bloodiest Sport 

A Town For Cops  

A Happy Family: Warts, Scars & All  

Jam In The Garage  

Park Chanwook’s Oldboy  

Israfel’s Quest  

Crichton’s Rising Sun  

My Dearest Diary  

The Infinite Deep Blue  

Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire  

The Club Everybody Wanted To Join  

‘Twas a Full Moon  

3 Hot New Killer Games You’ve Gotta Play This March   

Review of Boiler Room  

Imagine … A Picture Within a Frame  

The Story That Still Hasn’t Gone Away 

Cliffhanger: 25 Years 

Short Fiction & Other Pieces of a Creative Sort

Janseya’s Olympic Dream 

The Apple On The Shelf  

The House Beside The Lake 

The Scripture According To Lombard 

Brown Cow  

A Note of Conscience  

Open Fire   

Teddy’s Joint  


Pour The Bourbon  

Generic V (2019)

The Mannaro Motel (2019)


Outside Her Bedroom Door

Lucifer's Vigil

The Mannaro Motel

Not Exactly Sophie's Choice...But a Gamer's Difficult Dilemma (short story) (2020)

Published in Steel Notes Magazine - February 2020 issue - pg.98


*Also Collected in His Old Tapes (stories & poetry) as A Gamer's Choice

An Open Letter To Arthur Pond (2020)

Where It Lay Hidden (2020)

Stella's Lighthouse (2020)

Summer of the Great White Wolf (2020)

My Last Walk With Angel (short story) (2021)

Published in Steel Notes Magazine - Fall 2021 issue - pg.59


His Old Tapes (stories & poetry) (2021)


The Disappearance of Daisy Shriner (Story)

Methuselah’s 969th (Poem)

Loathing Deep (Poem)

And From The 3rd Stall There Came… (Story)

Like (Poem)

I Am Compelled (Poem)

Canned Herring and a Spray Bottle of Shellac (Story)

Back Road Rumble (Poem)

Hands Like My Father (Poem)

What I Really Want To Do (Poem)

A Dead Tower (Poem)

Like, OMG: 2027 (Story)

Demons of Chalk (Poem)

His Old Tapes (Story)

Romantic’s Poem (Poem)

A Man In Chains (Poem)

Hers & His (Story)

Stone (Poem)

A Gamer’s Choice (Story)

Belles (Poem)

On The Phone With Kyle (A Play)

Jitters, My Monkey & Me (Poem)

The Puke Skull (Poem)

Malevolent Nature (Poem)

Degrade (Poem)

Video Diary of a Dead Girl (Story)

Juicer (Story)

Limericks by Domenic Marinelli

What I Found Along The Tracks of J— (Poem)

The Girl Who Wore Construction Boots (Story)

The Bird God (A Fable)

Sharp Wind (Poem)

Haikus by Domenic Marinelli

Across a Dark River in Palermo (2021)